Unrelated Thoughts

Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

After the fallout

So I’m done with the project for MyspaceTippingPoint.Com

I’ve spread the most concise and coherent narration of what a viral platform is and used myspace as the structure within which to describe the process of building such a platform

Hopefully you can read it and garner some value from it… it’s here: http://www.myspacetippingpoint.com/Myspace_Tipping_Point.pdf

and it will be there until the domain expires.

so you’ve got a year.

So what now?

I’ve got this thing I”m doing with Juan Ochoa, which I’ll be doing a last draft of the first part, and starting in on the second part.

One of the folk I’ve helped build a myspace profile for is http://www.myspace.com/howardcampbell

He’s using it as his final paper for a class – in the sense that a profile can be a text.

check iT out. I’ve also helped http://www.myspace.com/eyeslikeheadlights

Mostly I’m testing a theory. I’ve been working with a few other people

and helping prepare for the esozone event in portland next august

so I don’t have a focused list yet of what’s next

I know somewhere along the way I’ll be finishing Against The Day,

I’ll be finishing The Power of the Hour by Dave Lahkani,

And I’ve got this stack of other texts that demands attention, including The Deus Machine by Pierre Ouellette that I really want to re-read…

I’m simply swamped now… I read thorugh to january’s issue of Hellblazer, and I must say I like where Denise Mina’s taking JC..

which brings me back to comics, and the work I’m doing with Juan Ochoa… I’m hoping you’ll dig the fuck out of this comic when we bring it out. I’m really enjoying the writing….

gotta go, my cat’s coughing up a hairball..


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