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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh


I write in motherfucking plaintext, because all y’all bitches don’t know shit about how what is supposed to enable you is actually slowing your asses down

you don’t need a word processor to process text..

you just need a typewriter

a digital typewriter.

these keys, that’s all you need to interact with
text is the bestmethod for expressionof ideation

however, it is limiyted in.. text is not a true conveyor of experience,
I can paint a picture with words, but I can smack you upside the face with color
if I wanted

I don’t I wand to get across these following ideas which have found their most potent previous expression in text elsewhere.. I’m going to be concise, repeat the information as I understand it, with examples from where I picked all this shit up, so you can go back and check it out for yourself

or you’re morethan welcvome to take my word for it, I won’t stop you…


and I know full well that I’m sayinnghowever yet again

I want to present to you a few ideas I’ve glommed onto that I think are fucking fascinating.

and I write this way to be an example that you don’t know shit until you know how to explain it

to fucking anyone, in the way that they can understand it..

I want to teach you effective social manipulation using new media in such a way that you should be able to create your own social support network online within a few months, and be a productive node online within a short time there-after

Do you realize what a person with a few friends could set into motion?

Sure, we’re past the dot com boom.

but the echo in it’s wake has a hell of a long tail

and the techniques were never flawed, they were just flash-baked.

now, we’re seeing the true masterpiece of orchestrated noise online in several ways.. the most obvious being the adoption that yahoo, then google, and now myspace has seen.

what is next? YOU are.

forget the social netwporking sites.. those are stages
learn to swim in the greater ocean of the net

learn somehtml
enough to get a splash page up

integrate it into a social networking site or two, but always do it through places you feel are friendly to your content

contribute to everything

play with ideas, if you are an ideator. develop new interfaces, interactions, and stages, if you are a developer. bring new things to the net and expound onthem, if you are an implementor. ask questions, grow faqs, demand answers if you are a clarifier. and be loud

there’s no reason we should continue lurking in our communities
unity comes from first establishing your identity, you know..

so be your


sorry, my music suddenly exhibited a monotheistic meme and I had to change it.

don’t let people force feed you bullshit memes.

that’s rule number two.

where was I

oh fuck, rules

goddamn it, I wasn’t going to bring rules into this

rules depend on you to be rules

your rules should be in place

make my rule number two your rule number two then and structure around it

that’s where you should probably start

my inability to contextualize is due in part to your experience as a reader

you bring as much to the table as I do

I have had relationships where I have been unable to communicate specific sentances to individuals with inverted narcissistic tendencies.

I sincerely hope you never endure this

but it taught me some profound lessons in semiotics and basic NLP

don’t understand what the fuck I’m talking about? then I slough you off, aqnd move on as an unread text.

are you still on board? if you don’t know what I’m talking about, wiki it. google it. dig into the serach lores +fravia has made available and get down right reverser on my technol… er, my words.

I’ve been told by a memeticist that I shock and amaze him with how I orchestrate noise. I feel unproductive, sometimes, but interfacing with the people I’ve interfaced with over the last year leads me to believe he is not blowing smoke up my ass, that I do seem to know my theory enough to apply it successfully in the real world.


Next up is to deal with the most pressing issue, which is that if you aren’t interfacing with the internet in the mopst streamlined way, you are wasting your fucking life.

the internet happens faster

you have to be interacting at the speed of thought, and anything less than that is too slow.

I’ve already fallen behind simply by writing this..

by taking the time to stop typing long enough to post this, I’ve begun to slip behind the rest of the race out there…

don’t you see?

there’s simply no way you can win

but what are we compteing for?

what if I had a crew, a posse, a (tang)clan there, ready to pull every one forward based on the individual specializations?

I’m a director, a creative director, and I know how to find people apparently that can pull off a production. anywhere else I’m just spinning my wheels.

I can spread mmes, and develop ways to unfold ideation into physicality, but I don’t want to be wholly responsible for the content either.

over the last few months I’ve been working on behalf of Ben Mack, developing a new twist to his product line… he wants to have a fully developed repitoire as a writer, as an author, while being true to his ideals, AND presenting the best business strategy online to the widest possible audience. seriously, you don’t understand the mad brilliance going on here, but if you get free book worth reading and poker without cards in your head, you’ll have an inkling.

I’m a slow writer. for me to generate this level of text from the back of my brain and straight into notepad is problematic at best, but this is an automatic writing session, one of the ways that I get myself back in the groove for some serious fucking writing. I’ve also got a lot of other media in which I’m working, and frankly I’ve fallen behind

I’m doing as much as possible, sometimes it is hard to transition from one project to another without feeling like I’m wasting my life, that period between projects is my own dark night of the soul

so i face it thought and come throuugh, usually with the help of good music

I tell you this, if you’re not sure what schwag is you’re probably smoking It


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