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The Most Dangerous Book In The World: Navigating Memetic Networks

I’ll let you know now that this quote of Ben Mack on Branding:

“Branding is about keeping your new customers while you attract more customers. Branding is finding out what you stand for, and then communicating and delivering what you stand for. Here’s why the magic works: Modern consumers suffer from constant overchoice. A brand essence need only make sense to the marketing team. Your brand essence is not the words necessarily used in your communications. Branding is often made to appear complicated. I’m making a case that branding is understandable, relevant, and, most importantly, profitable. You can’t really profitably use this tool until you extract your brand essence. Precisely stating the strongest emotional benefits for buying your product or service is likely to both increase your immediate sales and deepen your relationship with existing customers, making them more likely to buy from you again, because every single contact you have with your dear customer is meaningful and can substantively affect your relationship and their likelihood to buy again.”

Will be in the book I’m writing with Edward Wilson.

you can learn more at TheMostDANGEROUSbookIntheWorld.Com

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