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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

notes – corporate entity

in the process of investigating the ways to circumnavigate existing corporate entities, I’ve been neck deep in research among the entreprenuer, DIY marketing stuff out there online. A lot of the best infomarketers out there are totally bypassing the intrenched corporate powerstructure on the backs of the new media platforms.

To me it seems that working within this paradigm during the current zeitgeist for a magician can provide essential lessons. It is problematic to point to a specific instance in the life process of a corporate entity that can be compromised to the magician’s intention, since all entities are different and all magicians are different.

Instead I found myself pondering how the problem lies within the over-riding hegemonical force that the existence of corporations en toto has upon the continued existence of corporations. If one or two fall out of favour, the only replacement is yet another corporation.

There are few individuals out there who can bring a single-minded and opinionated focus to the group consensus with raw currency, and to significantly alter public opinion nowadays, with the ability of a William Randolph Hearst or .. Howard Hughes, for example, has been replaced with the ravings of Ted Turner, or the confusing and oblique political theatrics of Ross Perot. Looking around now in the mediascape, we see only a few billionaires with the funds and intentions to do absurd, confusing, and spectacular things on a global scale. The only groups with the power to globably affect consciousness (outside of those with the nuclear capacity to destroy consciousness) are those who are corporate entities.

Individuals need to be richer.


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