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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

What The Fuck?

This is a statement, not an appeal.

Most great art movements, like surrealism, dada, or situationism all
started with a manifesto, a statement of position.

Here is our position: We are already here.

The proscenium has been breached, disbanded and dismantled.

Information networks span the globe, and cultures, ideas, and
realities are converging and being redefined minute-by-minute.

This revolution will not be broadcast, although it may be televised,
on demand, portable and configurable— but it will be your choice.
Possibly, it will be your creation.

Remember the Future of “no future”?

Well, this is it.

That’s not a statement of doom. It’s an expression of freedom.

Kill your clocks, burn your calendars, and hang out.
Alterati has built the platform. All you need do is show up.

Altertube: Your source for cool DIY art/film/music videos:


(And yes, you can upload your own shit.)

Alterati Blog

Running 2 original articles a day- interviews with new artists,
features on DIY music, video, issues of culture, politics, and more:


Alterati Forums

Just getting started… talk to the editors, suggest features or
videos, or just talk. The one rule of the Alterati Forums: Don’t Be A
Total Dickhead. And you’ll get on fine.


Finally, the “witty tagline here” contest is still in effect… put in
a winning tagline and win a 4 GB iPod Nano.


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