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Monthly Archives: June 2007

this weeks’ yellow sign

so for the column this tuesday I’ll be touching on adoption in some media I’ve been exposed to recently… the upcoming alterati column will cover Lucifer, Black Sheep, Lucifer Rising, and The Abandoned.

Anyway along the way I ran across this quote about the connection between adoptees and ADD…

I’ve always been fascinated by the connection between ADD and adoption by the way, that is the idea that young parents-to-be who have ADD and are untreated are more likely to forget to take birth control, more likely to get pregnant, and more likely to give up their babies for adoption, partially because of societal judgements, but also partially because of higher levels of impulsivity and poorer organizational skills, which translates into poorer parenting skills. Then the adoptees inherit ADD through genetics (There’s a huge study on this right now in N.A.) and continue the cycle of impulse control problems. – Aurelia from No Matter How Small


Behind the busy

Some time ago I made the announcement that there’d be a Philip K Nixon album completed and presented for 7-7-7

I’d previously intended to stop working with PKN, preferring to focus on writing projects, but something felt incomplete

Honestly I love getting into the weird frame of minds that are necessary to pull together something indicative of the zeitgeist while remaining true to the PKN mandate, as it were. Mystery X, Brenico Media Group, and R Carney Studios were totally behind it, Blue Fly Productions handed me a chunk of material, and the completion of Occulterati left behind a wealth of mind-warping out of context quotes that were perfect for freezing into a Philip K Nixon track. Chris Titan pointed me at some interesting correspondences I’d have otherwise overlooked, and the advent of Alterati gave me the mile high view I needed to spot some rare gems that I added into the mix.

So it’s all on track. There will be a new outer shell on the PKN franchise, as it shakes, shivers, and sloughs off its old skin like some reptilian shapeshifting left-handed lesbian midget albino, a carcass and a coffin for the egregore that marches golem-like to an innevitable task: The alteration of the monoculture.

a conspiracy of silence

there has been a number of upheavals in daily schedule, which is preventing my normal posting schedule here to be maintained. I’m about a week away from being in my office, writing at a desk, rather than at this back-breaking set up involving a low chair, a high table, and a wireless keyboard balanced precariously on my knee.

When surfing the internet and writing online no longer causes me phsical discomfort and long-term side effects of severe pain, I’ll be updating with more frequency.

As it is I can barely stay on the computer long enough to get my alterati posts in on time, which is my first priority.

so in the meantime, go pirate some shit: Alterati.Net

the Key23 Compound has been replaced… introducing Key64

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