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Monthly Archives: December 2007


this blog has been extensively updated

I will be focusing much more on the research blog for my novel
(now included as a feed to the top left on this page)

I will also be posting here as I run across items specific
to both my adoption and to adoption politics at large

in other words this blog will be more opinion-oriented
while my research blog will be more link-oriented


what about the birth father?

here’s the situation,

The birth mother, realizing she’s pregnant, leaves her boyfriend
(the birth father) without telling him she’s pregnant

Two days before she gives birth, she contacts him out of the blue
and informs him she’s about to have a child and will be giving the
child up for adoption, then hangs up on him

You can assume she’s lied and told the adoption agency that she
doesn’t know where the father is or who the father might be,
and is unwilling to help them find him, and the only reason she
contacted him was in some sense because she’d felt guilty
about going behind his back.

At what point are his parental rights terminated?

If he could figure out where this adoption was being
finalized, could he stop the process?

Let’s say this happens in Kansas, where there is no putative
father registry – what can he do?

(This is all purely hypothetical, I’m trying to illustrate the gap between
what adoption.com presents as adoption and the circumstances that
lead to adoption in the real world.)

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