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Monthly Archives: September 2008


For those who are interested, I’ve made PublicIndividual.com a repository for the tools I use in social media optimization and search engine marketing. Using those tools to their full potential will absolutely revitalize any marketing strategy, but I’d prefer it if it’s kept among the artists and musicians. Let the business folk and network marketing crowd continue to pay each other to do the impossible while I and my readers do it right, for the long term.

Oh, and read Pizza SEO – Justin Boland does not pull his punches.


Integrated Social Marketing Templates

As a way to give back to all of you out there who’ve helped me along the way, I’ve put together a squidoo page where I give away these four templates, the core of what I use in my freelance integrated social marketing. Learning how to be effective online means learning how to present yourself in a networked environment. These tools can help you keep your story straight.

I fully intend to create a presentation or even video tutorial around these spreadsheets when I have the available time to do so.

back to it…

I’m working again, more than I have in a long long time. Today I put in 13 hours for clients, and another two hours on promoting the upcoming book.

Somewhere along the way I found time to eat salmon and watch Palin flounder

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