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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Esozone 2008

Overall the event was amazing. Again I am blown away by the hospitality of PDXOcculture and the incredible city that is Portland. There are many specifics I will be covering in an upcoming Alterati article or two, but for now I want to thank Nemo for getting me to the airport and letting me check out the back room of r6xx.com and Taylor Ellwood for lunch Monday before I left town and for loading me down with research, Nick Pell for some shit, Klint and Jillian for going out of their way to make my stay in Portland comfortable, and Chris Titan and Brenden Simpson for handling the most important details. A special thanks to Mike and Bill for coming through with the disk that made Ikipr’s workshop happen too – and dead letter b who covered group mind synergy dynamics more thoroughly than either Edward or I had planned. All this may or may not make sense to you, reading here, but eventually I’ll unpack all of this at Alterati. In particular, there will be a full interview with Nemo on an upcoming GSpot, and today I am assembling coverage of Ikipr’s EEG interface workshop from Esozone 2008:

  • St Mae of Discordian.com Strapped into IKIPR EEG Device
  • Edward E WIlson on Ikipr’s EEG Interface at ESOZONE
  • Clyde Lewis Brainwaves made Audible at ESOZONE
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    NTLDR is Missing

    That is the message that keeps popping up on ikipr’s notebook, preventing us from accessing the software to power the brainwave set-up for Sunday night. So if anyone in Portland happens to have a WinXP boot disk and they’re headed in to Esozone, we’d really appreciate if you could bring it along so we can attempt to fix this issue.

    Right now I am about to get out of bed to make the journey over to The Watershed – the venue where Esozone is being held this year. Last night had a great vibe, and today is likely to be even better.

    Written Entirely With Thumbs

    This has been a great weekend – relaxing yesterday and taking today to familiarize myself with some tools I need for blogging. This blog is hosted on wordpress.com, so you won’t see the effects of what I’ve been researching on this blog – but keep an eye on what I’m doing over on http://theartofmemetics.com and http://publicindividual.com/blog as I implement all of these various interconnected strands.

    Who knows… Perhaps the whole thing will actually work like I suspect 🙂

    Public Individual

    Today I spent a great deal of time working on PublicIndividual.com – my repository of SEO and social media integrated marketing knowledge… eventually I’ll have a full system defined for people to use in conjunction with the teories and methods that can be taken from The Art of Memetics – for now there’s the basic templates and links to start anyone interested in SEO or controlling one’s digital shadow in great detail. Also, I just finished a post on Alterati you might be interested in… I’ll be speaking at Esozone in Portland OR Oct. 10-12th and look forward to seeing friends from last year and new people from the internets… Tomorrow I’m taking the freaking day off to pick apples and have fun.

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