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Synchronicity Studios – Brand Management & Custom Media Development

Synchronicity Studios – Brand Management & Custom Media Development

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four sick days in a row

with the last few days of cold and snow, apple cider fresh from the farmer’s market, chunks of hard cheese and bowls of thick miso soup from Le Marche Vert, and a rhinovirus that just won’t let go, I’ve gotten a bit behind in my struggle to single-handedly maintain 14 different blogs, websites, and ongoing projects. As a freelance everything, I don’t really have the ability to slouch or half-ass my way through a day and let the next shift clean up my mess. It’s pretty much all me..

So I’m sitting here, finally able to breathe through both nostrils more or less and almost able to take a full breath without lapsing into a hacking, sneezing, sputter-y mess. I’ve got three projects that need instant, ongoing attention that need to be done. Prioritizing the workflow has become essential, meaning that I’m already wasting too much time here, explaining the slow-down here and at Alterati.

Right now I’m supposed to be working on my clients online presences and researching for my next book. By the end of the year I hope to have revamped the bulk of my own online presence, intending to be a lot more consolidated and interconnected. Until then, I’ll keep trying to make up the last four days of missed work, while struggling to do a week’s worth of dishes and a month’s worth of cleaning. Sometimes working from home means being unable to ever stop working, a state of mind in which every available moment means seeking to optimize every aspect of my client’s web presence and my own endless tweaking on research blogs and websites for better search ranking. Freelance means never shutting down — only blacking out now and then before initiating another twelve-hour stint.

On the other hand, I love freelance work. I’ve gotten more out of helping people directly than I ever got out of working for a corporation, and there’s something absolutely pure about being able to apply theory and experience to solve problems in the most profitable way. So I can’t wait to stop coughing and sneezing, and actually get some work done. Until next time…

in the news

meme expansion

the meme is growing. The online edition of The Art of Memetics is legitimately at the half-way point, with chapters 1-12 online and freely available. Handcoding the entire book is wreaking havok on my eyesight, so I’ll be taking a break to catch up on housework and reading. Enjoy! be sure to click on the ads if you’re just reading it for free though, I’ve worked my fingers into premature arthritis I tell ya…  Seriously, that’s all I’ve worked on for days now.  I’ve got a client who’s got me under an NDA so I can’t actually talk about that project at all, so …  between the adoption stuff and the book I’m converting into hand-coded SEO-tweeked html for your reading pleasure, and the adoption stuff I can’t really talk about without getting all weird and defensive, yeah…  doing great!

Right now I’m struggling to get through a bunch of projects, it will feel good to have something done, and shipped, and the space cleared for a new implementation.  In January I have space in an art show, so one of my tasks this month is preparing the pieces for that – I anticipate there will be a series of pieces for that show, and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it in time to have some of it online prior to the show itself.  More on that as I get around to it, and have a clearer idea how I’ll be presenting the media.  Plus specifics, too, like where and when the show will occur…

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