Unrelated Thoughts

Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

Now consulting for Synchronicity Studios

I am a Social Media & SEO Specialist.  Here’s what they put up about me at Synchronicity Studios

Since he began blogging 1999 Wes has been studying non-standard ways to use search engines, and has actively engaged in community building efforts and online information marketing. In 2006 he begin contracting privately to handle online reputation and distribute audio and video media. Wes is also an experienced teleconference specialist, having worked as an administrator with Connex International from 2000-2005. From the end of 2005 throughout 2006 Wes was one of the core components in the book launch for ‘Think Two Products Ahead,’ a strategy which earned the author an email subscription of more than 30,000 subscribers the week of the book launch. Since then he has worked in a number of different entrepreneurial online ventures, always with the core purpose of bringing media specific attention through online channels by maximizing content visibility and search engine optimization strategies, both on-page and off. Wes Unruh brings an integrated social marketing approach consisting of preliminary keyword due diligence to sound out the online niche, comprehensive planning for specific demographic spaces, and the technical know-how to optimize for on-page SEO. He is co-author and publisher of the 2008 book ‘The Art of Memetics‘, Editor-at-Large of the blog Alterati.com since James Curcio stepped down from the position, and video tutorial Editor for PublicIndividual.com.


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