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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

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quaint media abstract

When onboard a ship, or piloting by IFR, the staccato pulses of Morse’s binary language blip past at a socially subliminal volume – teasing one with the hint of mind’s eye theatre projected against a subconscious backdrop.  No media is dead – smoke signals hide lesser signifiers but are still laden with meaning – subtleties may likely should drop away, but the medium never subcumbs once it’s made manifest.  Recognizing the dwindling market and moving to embrace convergence prefigures a successful transition across narrative – although obviously there’s a deeper layer needing digging:

Quaint Media


Why I Still Have A Record Player

(I’ll present full evidence of the theory as applied to social optimization over the next few weeks, the basis is more or less laid out already as a result of the focus I undertook on memetics)

article to come


Online Social Optimization – To Bring a Point Home

After the last few months, I’m seeing how the web itself is beginning to shift – there’s a stasis developing between twitter and facebook I can almost make out – and a good deal of users are finding their own level of interaction based on the devices they have closest to hand.

I anticipate that online social optimization is the end-point for most of these ongoing processes, and eventually I expect there’s going to be an integration of consciously and unconsciously driven technological touch-points across these networks.

Sites like Plurk, LinkedIn, and FriendFeed have been on my list of experimental places to be working within, while qik, justin.tv and ustream are all kicking around as well – there’s a way for all of this to merge, become the ubiquitous ‘Computer’ one directs as depicted back in the first episode of Star Trek.

That’s where I’d like to see us evolve towards – replicators, energizers, phasers set on stun, and energy fields – and I really don’t see what’s stopping us – except for the rate of innovation… of course, my friend Freeman knows that this use of social media does – in many respects – feed data into an ongoing spy network.

Edward, my co-author of The Art of Memetics, pointed out on a teleconference long ago that the internet is made for spying – which is intelligence gathering. The act of growing intelligence, of intelligence increase, is dependent on intelligence gathering devices, which is what the internet has become – it is the digital accretion of an interzone.

Social optimization offline or online is the same – it’s the tools which change. At the baseline, though, the tool is the ‘Word’ – in which ever ”Text” you may be representing. This becomes a narrative to those around you, which evolves your story onward.

Ustream Channel for #Unruh

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