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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

Last year…

Last year I worked through a series of videos that were my first attempt at a step-by-step guide to what I’ve come to call Online Social Optimisation for thee Public Individual.  Ideally it would be a way to augment interaction with the net in such a way as to provide a constant stream of movement in the semantic space around an individual, a way of flooding relevance for later indexing.




Because it seems to be what the search engines out there find most interesting – and because keeping the search engines happy provides an endless stream of attention.  Both of these aims happen to overlap with those of the internet marketers out there who feel like PPC is burning a hole through their start-up loans and venture capital, and are investing in social media outreach and search engine optimization as a better return on investment in that advertising space.


So this year I’m building a whole net set of video instructions, and am compiling all my research, tricks, hacks, and timely tips back into an even better audio and visual presentation on lifestreaming approaches to constant contact strategies for the coming mobile, real time web.  This is the first time a lot of these techniques will be freely available, and all of this will be tied up into a book by, I’m hoping, the end of next year – publisher willing.


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