Unrelated Thoughts

Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

Vortex Examines

was there truth
between the swirl, the new world
a breathe away death
cab call too cute
the day stays

the vortex examines:

tracking the features
the new laws, regulations, the changes
required. They are stealing

we still are the people
they are stealing
and with

words. we were given
these documents as holy
relics in place of the ash
the scattering of
and in

ink the new dawn
the wretched, the poor
come huddled,
and we
and we are

and we the plebe
the placid masses
taking turns in que
to change our world
every two years

and we the mass
the briar
the thicket through which
the manifest must come, chained
crowned, brought feet first
down long drawn corridors
of power

and at its head we
and at its feet we
and in its wake we
and here, at its heart we stand

and it was lied and it watched and it was tampered
with, before we were finished
and it was lingering, it the eye
strained wide to capture

and they, they knew not what they
and we, we know naught but what we
and I, I have only what I’ve wrought to accompany
me, this vortex dawn


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