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Illegal International Adoption Case

This is a fascinating case..

After nearly five years of searching, posting fliers, being turned away at orphanages and even staging a hunger strike, Rodriguez now holds what’s believed to be an unprecedented Guatemalan court order declaring the child stolen and ordering the U.S. couple who eventually adopted her to give her back.
If U.S. authorities intervene to return the child, now 6, as the Guatemalan court has asked, it would be a first for any international adoption case, experts say.



likeable rogue returns to his hometown and seeks out birthfather…

it sounds like a comic fable, to say the least.  I imagine I’ll approach this search the way I do everything, with a certain measure of sloppiness and indecisiveness, matched by an ongoing driving force, echoing the heartbeat of america chevy theme music.  It’s undeniable, the charm that comes with existing within your own bubble of meta-narrative, but it is also isolating.  My life is not (yet) a hollywood motion picture, and simply being adopted doesn’t necessarily create the need to undergo some hero’s journey.  It is social media’s presentation of that adoptee narrative which hijacks normal development and creates the cuckoo self


I am not ‘the bad seed’ – it was only a movie.  sadly, nor am I a jedi, or Moses.  However, it continues – adoptee narratives underly an unbelievable number of television shows lately (I can’t bring myself to watch it, but apparently Private Practice has something related to adoption in nearly every epsiode now)  and I’ve already ranted about the re-occurence of adoptees in horror films (Mirrors is another one)  AND IT DOESN’T MAKE THE STORY ANY BETTER EITHER.  Mirrors was insipid, The Ring only moderately more engaging, and The Abandoned was possibly the most annoyingly manipulative of them all.  Horror classics, like The Thing or Night of the Living Dead never stopped to pry into the family bonds (or lack thereof) of the zombies or alien virii, and were the better for it.  I challenge any budding screenwriter out there convinced they’ve nailed to most plausible source of an angry ghost to a dead adoptee to do some reading on the effects of adoption on emotional development…

On the other hand, being adopted is like being a gypsie, or a carney – there’s a certain amount of immediate uncertainty brought into any social situation when the topic comes up, and landmines and occult powers fill the emotional language-scape across which the dialogue subsequently trods. 

to be continued…

lightning calls to blood

Thunderbird and Heyoka seems to keep coming up in my own experience since the time I was a kid and the airplane door popped open on me during a lightning storm (it was a small 5 seater bonanza if I remember rightly) I’ve always been crazy, but that was really the turning point for me, the wake-up.  I had to hold the door tight while we landed.  If I hadn’t been wearing my seatbelt I’d have likely fallen 10,000 feet – I still remember the electric smell of burnt ozone.  I’ve never liked flying since then, and even more to the point, I’m holding a carved thunderbird token as I hit send on this message… why zen werewolf?

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