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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

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The Famous Jesse ‘Big Daddy’ Unruh Quote

“If you can’t drink a lobbyist’s whiskey, take his money, sleep with his women and still vote against him in the morning, you don’t belong in politics.”


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fucking shit I can’t fucking help it

so I just can’t quite let go of the profanity. I don’t think it’s going to happen. I was always told by my grandmother that profanity ‘those kinds of words’ just shouldn’t be in books.

I disagree.

I find myself wondering how I’ve acquired this aura about me that seems to prevent people from being blue. They act as if I’ll be offended, guard their speech.

And that’s the real issue

When a person is cussing, when there’s a solid stream of subconscious words making themselves known,
you are getting a raw feed

you are getting pure thought

you know there’s very little if any censorship going on between thought and phrase

and this knowledge allows you to be perceptive of character by listening to the patterns that arise in unfettered speech

writing, I attempt to catch this ephemera, these nuances
in such a way as to make the resulting text more than
a few words, some scattered ink…

I want to bring a cluster of thought out
in crystalline form
and evaluate it

value it

own it, by
having named it.

there is a value in profanity

and for those seeking to invest, there’s even more value in profanity press

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