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quaint media abstract

When onboard a ship, or piloting by IFR, the staccato pulses of Morse’s binary language blip past at a socially subliminal volume – teasing one with the hint of mind’s eye theatre projected against a subconscious backdrop.  No media is dead – smoke signals hide lesser signifiers but are still laden with meaning – subtleties may likely should drop away, but the medium never subcumbs once it’s made manifest.  Recognizing the dwindling market and moving to embrace convergence prefigures a successful transition across narrative – although obviously there’s a deeper layer needing digging:

Quaint Media


Why I Still Have A Record Player

(I’ll present full evidence of the theory as applied to social optimization over the next few weeks, the basis is more or less laid out already as a result of the focus I undertook on memetics)

article to come


Technosigilic Magick or just plain SEO?

as much as I’d like to get The Art of Memetics available via Amazon, I don’t know that the sales figures would be worth the immense amount of effort that goes into self-publishing. I’ve already sunk several years into the book, and the meager .17 cents a day in google ad revenue doesn’t even cover my hosting costs

after months of dabbling with ads on various sites, I’ve become convinced that there’s issues with how most online ads work and have decided it’s probably significantly better overall to either create only links to people I know who’s work I support, or to people who pay me directly for specific types of work. I’m done with google adsense, it’s hardly ever brought in revenue, and it makes things look sloppy and cluttered

rather, I’m toying with directly contacting individuals I know and creating partnerships where appropriate. There’s not much time before I have to step away from the net entirely and focus on writings, so this next five month period will be dedicated to cleaning up my scattered online presence and condensing down ads as much as possible to those links to those individual sites where I’m supporting either friends or sites I enjoy who are able to provide better compensation than google

feel free to tell me how this makes you feel, if you care. Currently I’ve been able to develop some ads for the online book that take up significantly less space than the old google ads, and which will hopefully develop into an ongoing residual revenue stream that I can divert to Edward and I as compensation for the work we did on the text, cover the hosting costs, and support us as authors going forward

meme expansion

the meme is growing. The online edition of The Art of Memetics is legitimately at the half-way point, with chapters 1-12 online and freely available. Handcoding the entire book is wreaking havok on my eyesight, so I’ll be taking a break to catch up on housework and reading. Enjoy! be sure to click on the ads if you’re just reading it for free though, I’ve worked my fingers into premature arthritis I tell ya…  Seriously, that’s all I’ve worked on for days now.  I’ve got a client who’s got me under an NDA so I can’t actually talk about that project at all, so …  between the adoption stuff and the book I’m converting into hand-coded SEO-tweeked html for your reading pleasure, and the adoption stuff I can’t really talk about without getting all weird and defensive, yeah…  doing great!

Right now I’m struggling to get through a bunch of projects, it will feel good to have something done, and shipped, and the space cleared for a new implementation.  In January I have space in an art show, so one of my tasks this month is preparing the pieces for that – I anticipate there will be a series of pieces for that show, and hopefully I’ll be able to complete it in time to have some of it online prior to the show itself.  More on that as I get around to it, and have a clearer idea how I’ll be presenting the media.  Plus specifics, too, like where and when the show will occur…

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