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The scale of private links between David Cameron and News International exposed for the first time.

I am endlessly fascinated by transactional nature of counterknowledge & public discourse in socially mediated spaces which simulate (but don’t engender) counter-public spheres: pathology of post-paranoia.



developing a tutorial program

a year and a half ago I initiated a training program for a select group of individuals – since then, I’ve learned more, the internet has changed, and the program became outdated…

so I’m now revamping those videos, creating a new tutorial course, and developing the public individual strategies for a book. I’ll post here again when I’m done…

Developing an integrated approach and guide for coaching…

My goal is to be working with clients for three hours a day on week days from March, 22nd on throughout the rest of next year, which will give me enough time to complete Online Social Optimization for the Public Individual, a book I’ve been researching over the last year and which I’m writing now.  3 hours a day at 150$ an hour for each training session looks pretty feasible considering the rapid pace with which I’ve been picking up word-of-mouth clients, especially considering the results 😉 “3 hours a day 150$ an hour”

Albany Web Design and Internet Marketing from Domozych Media

Looking for a web site design team that can build or remodel your site, cheap?  I’ve been working for nearly a year now with Andrew Domozych, and about a month ago we started offering our services.  We’re certainly the new team on the block in the Hudson Valley, as far as our dot.com’s age, but between the two of us we have nearly forty years experience being online.  (Andrew and I both started using the internet before the first web browsers – he in the late 80’s and I first signed on using a 300 baud modem in 1989).

To help grow and anchor the semantic base for this new site, I’ve been writing articles nearly every day on a variety of web design and internet marketing topics.  Here’s five topics pulled from the last few weeks of articles:

  1. Search Term Research – Here I’ve explained just what keywords are, and how identifying the top keywords can shape what content should go up on a site.
  2. Web Design for Internet Marketing – Here I discuss the basic philosophy which underlies our specific approach to web presence and maximum compatibility.
  3. Creative Commons and Open Source – On our first podcast, Andrew and I discuss the importance of the open source community and why we recommend using creative commons licenses on your web site.
  4. Search Engine Marketing or Search Engine Optimization – Here I examine the differences between SEO and SEM, and explore why you might want to rely on a combination of these two approaches.
  5. Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and You – Here I discuss the history of RSS, what it means, and why you want to incorporate RSS into your site if you haven’t already.

There’s a number of other articles already posted, and you can keep up with each new blog post either by following @DomozychMedia on Twitter or by adding the RSS to your favorite reader.  Future topics will include discussing web design issues, mobile commerce sites, compatibility issues that arise with Flash and HTML email newsletter marketing, and my primary focus, online social optimization.

Quaint Media and Today’s Memetic Ecology – Published

After months of thinking about and tracking down references and ideas, I’ve finished the report on quaint media vs transmedia, and along the way I pull together a fairly comprehensive summary of the current media landscape…  hopefully you’ll find value in this think piece, and perhaps leave a comment or two in response.  Here’s how it starts:

The struggle today is between this notion of traditional, even quaint, media and convergence culture’s interactive narrative across a transmedia platform built for modular exposure of storytelling elements. Quaint media then is media that remains tied into a single point of access – when I use the term quaint media, think painting, newspapers, radio, broadcast television, puppetry, theater, and film – although we can go all the way back to telegraph, printing press, cuneiform tablets, herms and other statuary if you’d like. More important to this report is the juxtaposition between quaint media and transmedia, a much more useful starting point than ‘new media’ and ‘old media’ that offers little beyond starting debates about where to draw a line between the two.

Read the complete text of this report over at SloppyUnruh.

should there be some hindsight, perhaps?

After all is said and done, I must admit that–as much as I’m loathe to admit it–Facebook has its perks

walled garden as it may have been once, it’s still entirely too invasive for my liking, and I don’t think my uneasiness with that aspect will ever subside

HOWEVER, that said, I have found it a remarkably useful tool for connecting to a side of my family I never really anticipated contacting…  faithful readers of this rss feed likely know already that I’m an adoptee, that I’ve been hypersensitive to adoption issues that arise in my life personally, and in culture at large.

So, to contextualize this somewhat, I’ve been in contact with my biological mother through Facebook.  As a result, my wife insists I stop complaining about Facebook and accept it as another platform for communication, one with more depth and reach than most other online social spaces… whatever.  I’m ornery enough to stick to my biases even when I know I’m wrong.

hell I still think this whole internet thing is a fad…

Technosigilic Magick or just plain SEO?

as much as I’d like to get The Art of Memetics available via Amazon, I don’t know that the sales figures would be worth the immense amount of effort that goes into self-publishing. I’ve already sunk several years into the book, and the meager .17 cents a day in google ad revenue doesn’t even cover my hosting costs

after months of dabbling with ads on various sites, I’ve become convinced that there’s issues with how most online ads work and have decided it’s probably significantly better overall to either create only links to people I know who’s work I support, or to people who pay me directly for specific types of work. I’m done with google adsense, it’s hardly ever brought in revenue, and it makes things look sloppy and cluttered

rather, I’m toying with directly contacting individuals I know and creating partnerships where appropriate. There’s not much time before I have to step away from the net entirely and focus on writings, so this next five month period will be dedicated to cleaning up my scattered online presence and condensing down ads as much as possible to those links to those individual sites where I’m supporting either friends or sites I enjoy who are able to provide better compensation than google

feel free to tell me how this makes you feel, if you care. Currently I’ve been able to develop some ads for the online book that take up significantly less space than the old google ads, and which will hopefully develop into an ongoing residual revenue stream that I can divert to Edward and I as compensation for the work we did on the text, cover the hosting costs, and support us as authors going forward

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