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Poems that are not in The End of the Word as We Know It, by Wes Unruh

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January First, Two Thousand and Seven

Ten minutes, a day, the calendar
revolves. Spell hearts, enchant
minds, drag knuckles all primal

can we not be the formless

it doesn’t happen
unless it’s out and in the open
three days of formless

Fuck that noise you open
each codex and grasp for meaning

when the meaning may simply be bornless

knowing the semaphore
instinctual, to know
that there is a code there

opens these
and through it, step gently
we could build an entire world
out of bluster
sleeping three to a bed
against these women
I lay my head
and I can trust here.

what if these found you
what are you Willing

in in in!
deeper, in!
In iteration and internalized
in the refurbishing
what is it in & of itself?

Ask up? Chunk! deeper
to peel the layer
shake – & quiver

Fighting to maintain
Situational Awareness

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