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I’ve noticed that my name has come up in a conversation one of my old roommates seems to have sparked. Yes I’m a real person, and like all people, I am made up of a confluence of selves, one of the more vocal self being the ‘angry adoptee’ – hence my occasional coverage on alterati of adoptee politics, issues, and themes. As for the ‘collective’ reference, it’s something of a result of pondering endlessly psychic and emotive states, personality in flux, ego, archetypal energy, etc. et. al, but I don’t know that I feel like defending myself.

I’m not playing an arg, but I’ve been writing a non-linear exploded novel for some time now, called Memwar – the timeline was the final post at the (now defunct) information virus this year, as I’ve finished the primary research for the book (or more accurately, books) in January. Currently I’m working on a small portion of the overall paradigm within which Memwar occurs, but Edward and I are just calling it non-fiction. Calling it secular magick wouldn’t be far off the mark, as it’s our intention to provide an academic, albeit subjective, approach to influencing and manipulating probability, and to do so according to intentional goals. That’s not the sort of magic you’re going to find in Thomas Barret’s work but it’s a kind of magic all the same, and after reading Kirk Packwood’s book I’m convinced we’re going to be covering a fairly broader range in terms of blending memetics with magic.

It’s an attempt to craft a grimoire from the post-modernist texts Edward and I have read, along with the weird underlying concept of Masterminding that runs throughout entrepreneur culture, while combining the underlying conceits of memetics and marketing. And to do so in such a way that accurately reflects our expectations and understanding of the paradigm shift engendered by the conscious social network that’s being assembled now. A selection is now publicly available here.

I’ve also finished an interview with Jessica DelBalzo, the author of Unlearning Adoption, and that interview will be going up shortly. Last week there was so much compounded crazy shit going on in the news that I felt like my head was going to explode, so this week I’m writing about a film and some books for alterati. The book Unlearning Adoption was a tremendously solid argument against adoption as it’s currently practiced in our culture. Watching the way in which DelBalzo is educating and spreading these ideas is interesting, because, as she says in the upcoming interview, this really is an outsider perspective.

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