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Quaint Media and Today’s Memetic Ecology – Published

After months of thinking about and tracking down references and ideas, I’ve finished the report on quaint media vs transmedia, and along the way I pull together a fairly comprehensive summary of the current media landscape…  hopefully you’ll find value in this think piece, and perhaps leave a comment or two in response.  Here’s how it starts:

The struggle today is between this notion of traditional, even quaint, media and convergence culture’s interactive narrative across a transmedia platform built for modular exposure of storytelling elements. Quaint media then is media that remains tied into a single point of access – when I use the term quaint media, think painting, newspapers, radio, broadcast television, puppetry, theater, and film – although we can go all the way back to telegraph, printing press, cuneiform tablets, herms and other statuary if you’d like. More important to this report is the juxtaposition between quaint media and transmedia, a much more useful starting point than ‘new media’ and ‘old media’ that offers little beyond starting debates about where to draw a line between the two.

Read the complete text of this report over at SloppyUnruh.


Here’s a masterlist of resources for ad …

Here’s a masterlist of resources for adoptees doing search and perusing the rest of the goup out there also searching. In some ways I’m inspired by this list, in other ways it’s humbling to know that this is only a drop in the bucket in terms of the sheer number of sites out there that are concerned with or somehow touched by adoption. I tend to be biased, this list is somewhat tilted in Bastard Nation’s favour.

What I am, Who I do…

So as more and more links come in with this website, my little wordpress.com blog is starting to see more traffic. I guess I should clean up my act some, put up a list of skills, let you in on who I am and what I do… unfortunately I’m so freaking business-oriented, and so freakin busy, that I forget to come around here and keep this updated… Yes, I am a freelance OSO consultant

My time is valuable to a lot of people and I consult usually over two hour periods of time – I also write and edit content for the web. A full detailed account of how I got into search engines is coming, but it would be fair to say that marketing was sort of the last thing I expected to be doing. My story might surprise you!

I’ll get around to it soon. Until then, yes, I do make my living by always being online. If you wish to pay me for my time, I’m happy to consult with you regarding specific tactics of OSO

OSO Training

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